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Urban Teen Magazine’s Celebrity Interview with Zach Matari!

Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Interview with Zach Matari! | Urban Teen Magazine | Scoop.it

Urban Teen Radio is back from our vacation hiatus! Zach Matari, the “New” Jersey Boy, is a teen Pop/R&B singer/songwriter sensation & musician born and raised in North Jersey with musical talent that is far beyond his years. A true “old soul,” his influences include Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson! Make no mistake – Zach is much more than just another new “pop star” or teen sensation; Zach Matari is an exceptionally talented musical artist with a youthful, charismatic energy that truly touches his fans through his voice, songs and lyrics. Did you miss the interview this past Saturday? Listen to the replay here!

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